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LowFruits.io Review

If you want to increase traffic for your website then you’re going to need a keyword research tool to help you find low competition keywords in your niche that no one else is targeting. Without using a keyword research tool you leave yourself at a disadvantage compared to your competitors who will be able to find dozens of keyword ideas.

In this article we’re going to be diving deep into the LowFruits tool, we’ll be covering the pros, cons, how to use it, pricing, and what our overall thoughts are. 

What Is LowFruits?

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LowFruits is a keyword research tool that helps users find untapped keywords that have weak spots, allowing you to easily rank for them and gain traffic for your website. You can also use it to help you analyze the SERPs quicker and more accurately, along with conducting competitor analysis to understand what you’re competition is doing right. 

LowFruits Main Features

Keyword Finder

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This is the main hub of LowFruits and it’s where most of your keyword research will start. You start off by entering your seed keyword into the search bar and the tool will automatically find you a comprehensive list of relative long-tail keywords surrounding that word. 

You also have the ability to filter the country depending on if you have a website targeting a certain location or language. 

Under the advanced options, you have a couple of features you can use. 

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Your domain or max DA = When you add a domain, LowFruits will consider websites with a lower DA than yours to be weak. It then highlights this on the next page and considers it a keyword that you can rank for.

Negative keywords = Use a list of words that you don’t want to see in the report. By default, LowFruits adds forums and location-related keywords. 

Once you’re satisfied with all the settings you can go ahead and click find keywords. LowFruits will start its report and come back to you with a list of keywords you can target. 

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The report is complete and LowFruits has found 1943 possible keywords we are able to target. Here you can filter them by intent, suggestions, questions, related, clusters, and competition. 

The weak spots column is one that’s extremely useful and one you’ll need to pay attention to. LowFruits automatically lists the keyword with the highest number of weak spots at the top so you can get an idea of keyword difficulty. 

For the keyword, ‘best knife for removing silver skin’ 8 out of the possible 9 results on the first page are considered to be weak. This means they have a DA lower than 20 or are user-generated content like forums. This is definitely a keyword you can rank for.

Download The SERP Data

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You’ve found a keyword you think you can rank for, now what? 

Click on that keyword and you’ll be brought to this page which has all the information you need to know about that keyword. Here you can find an overview of what’s currently ranking in the SERPS, what kind of websites they are, and an array of other useful information. 

A great feature is the download button in the top right. Once you’ve decided this is a keyword you want to target, you can go ahead and download all the information into a spreadsheet. 

Import Feature

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The import feature can be used if you have a number of keywords you’ve gathered that you want to be analyzed. You can do this manually but it would be just too time-consuming as LowFruits import feature does it instantly. 

It’s extremely easy to use, simply name your report, import all your keywords into the keywords box, and LowFruits will run a report and analyze your keywords for you at the click of a button. 

As 1 keyword is 1 credit used it can be easy to use up all your credits in one report so if you’re low on credits use it sparingly. 

Benefits of Using LowFruits

Find Long-Tail Keywords Instantly

Using LowFruits keyword finder it’s possible to find hundreds of long-tail keywords in your niche at the click of a button. You can then download these keywords into a spreadsheet file to keep track of them.

LowFruits use Google’s auto-complete feature so you know that the keywords they give you are ones that people are actually searching for and therefore give you the opportunity to gain more organic traffic.  

Competitively Priced

So many keyword research tools on the market right now are just too over-priced especially when you can use a cheaper one like LowFruits that does the same job. LowFruits uses a pay-as-you-go credits system, therefore you only need to pay for the keywords you need and not on a monthly basis.  For signing up you also get 10 free credits to use. 

Easy To Use

Some keyword research tools can be a bit overwhelming especially if you’re a beginner. However LowFruits tool is designed well enough that anyone new to blogging is able to understand and digest the information. 

This is down to its simple interface and minimalistic design.

Disadvantages of Using LowFruits

Easy To Use Up Credits

One downside of using LowFruits is it’s easy to waste a lot of credits when doing a keyword report. It’s not uncommon for a single report to cost you over 200 credits which would equal $2 if you bought the cheapest plan. 

Be especially careful when using the import feature, as one keyword equals one credit, which can easily add up and eat away at your credits. 

LowFruits Pricing

LowFruits uses a pay-as-you-go system, meaning you only need to pay for what you need. 

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You can start off using LowFruits with just $25 and if you don’t use up all the credits then perfect, you’ve done keyword research for just $25. If you do use all your credits then you have the option to buy more. 

They have also a separate membership called subscriptions that allows access to exclusive features not available to regular users. 

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LowFruits – Frequently Asked Questions 

Can LowFruits Find Long-Tail Keywords? 

Yes! That’s one of the main features of LowFruits and why it was created. LowFruits uses Google autocomplete feature to bring you hundreds of low competition long-tail keywords in your niche. You simply type in your seed keyword and in a matter of matters you’ll have access to plenty of long-tail keywords to write about.

Is LowFruits Affordable?

LowFruits keyword tool uses a pay-as-you-go credit system, which means it’s as expensive as you make it. You can get started for just $25 which will get you 2,000 credits and if you need more then you can purchase some. When compared to other keyword research tools, LowFruits does the same work for two-thirds of the price making it affordable if you compare it to different tools.

Is LowFruits Suitable For Beginners To Use?

Anyone can use LowFruits beginner or expert we think there’s value in it for both types of bloggers. The whole purpose of LowFruits is to find low competition keywords as high competition high volume keywords will be too hard for new bloggers or websites to compete for.

How Does LowFruits Find Long-Tail Keyword Ideas?

LowFruits uses Google’s Auto Suggest API with some other google sources that they keep secret. They use over 150-word modifiers such as ‘How to, Why, Best, Vs, What, When, and much more to deliver you hundreds of possible keywords. As they use Google’s API all keywords are phrases being searched by real people. 

Verdict – Should You Use This Tool?

If you’re looking for low competition long-tail keywords then we absolutely recommend you use this tool. LowFruits is incredibly easy to use, affordable, and 100% worth it. By not using it you’re simply leaving untapped keywords and therefore revenue on the table for your competitors to have.


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