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December 9, 2023
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What is Wraith Docs?

Wraith Docs is an AI assistant for Google Docs that offers users a range of powerful AI tools to enhance their document creation and editing experience. With Wraith Docs, users can easily paraphrase, expand, simplify, and optimize their text with keyword optimization. This add-on integrates seamlessly with Google Docs, allowing users to highlight text and apply these AI tools to improve their documents. By following the simple setup process, users can quickly access Wraith Docs’ suite of features, making the process of creating and editing documents faster and more efficient.

Wraith Docs Features

  • Paraphrasing

    Easily rephrase text to enhance clarity and improve writing quality.

  • Text Expansion

    Expand upon ideas and add more depth to your document effortlessly.

  • Simplification

    Simplify complex text to make it more accessible and reader-friendly.

  • Keyword Optimization

    Optimize your document by incorporating relevant keywords for improved search engine visibility.

Wraith Docs Use Cases

  • Writing Assistance

    Wraith Docs can assist users in writing more efficiently by providing suggestions for paraphrasing, expanding ideas, and simplifying text, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of their documents.

  • Editing Assistance

    Users can leverage Wraith Docs to optimize their documents by incorporating keyword optimization and adding relevant text, making the editing process more effective and improving the final output.

  • Language Learning

    Wraith Docs can serve as a valuable tool for language learning by offering suggestions for paraphrasing and simplifying text, allowing users to enhance their language skills and improve their understanding of the language they are studying.

Related Tasks

  • Paraphrasing

    Transforming text into alternative wording or phrasing while retaining the original meaning to enhance clarity or avoid plagiarism.

  • Idea Expansion

    Generating additional content or ideas based on existing text to add depth and comprehensiveness.

  • Text Simplification

    Converting complex or convoluted text into clear, concise language for improved understanding.

  • Keyword Optimization

    Incorporating relevant keywords into the document to enhance search engine visibility and improve SEO performance.

  • Adding Text

    Inserting additional content or information to enrich the document and provide more context.

  • Writing Assistance

    Offering suggestions, prompts, and tools to aid in the writing process, improving overall writing quality and efficiency.

  • Editing Assistance

    Providing features and recommendations to optimize and enhance the document during the editing phase, ensuring a polished final output.

  • Language Learning Support

    Assisting language learners by offering paraphrasing suggestions and providing text simplification options to aid in comprehension and language acquisition.

  • Content Writer

    Utilizes Wraith Docs to streamline the writing process, generate ideas, and optimize their content for improved quality.

  • Editor

    Relies on Wraith Docs to efficiently review and enhance written documents, ensuring clarity, coherence, and keyword optimization.

  • Language Teacher

    Incorporates Wraith Docs as a language learning tool to provide students with suggestions for paraphrasing and simplifying text to improve their language skills.

  • SEO Specialist

    Leverages Wraith Docs to optimize website content, incorporating keyword suggestions and ensuring the text is search engine friendly.

  • Marketing Copywriter

    Uses Wraith Docs to generate engaging and persuasive copy, expanding ideas, and simplifying text to captivate the target audience.

  • Researcher

    Benefits from Wraith Docs by leveraging its paraphrasing and text optimization features while conducting research and writing academic papers.

  • Technical Writer

    Uses Wraith Docs to simplify technical information and enhance the readability of technical documents and user manuals.

  • Language Translator

    Employs Wraith Docs to aid in the translation process by providing suggestions for paraphrasing and simplifying text to ensure accurate and natural-sounding translations.

Wraith Docs FAQs

What is Wraith Docs?

Wraith Docs is a Google Docs AI Assistant that provides users with a suite of AI tools to make creating and editing documents faster and easier.

What are the key features of Wraith Docs?

The key features of Wraith Docs include paraphrasing text, expanding upon ideas, simplifying text, optimizing documents with keyword optimization, adding text, and flexible prompt input.

How does Wraith Docs work?

Wraith Docs is a Google Docs add-on that allows users to highlight text and use AI tools to paraphrase, expand, simplify, or optimize the text.

What is the maximum number of tokens that can be used with Wraith Docs?

The open beta version of Wraith Docs provides users with up to 250,000 tokens, which can process 187,500 words.

Is Wraith Docs free to use?

Yes, the open beta version of Wraith Docs is free to use.

Can Wraith Docs be used with any document editing software?

No, Wraith Docs can only be used in combination with Google Docs.

What is the purpose of Wraith Docs?

The purpose of Wraith Docs is to provide users with a suite of AI tools to make creating and editing documents faster and easier.

Is Wraith Docs easy to use?

Yes, Wraith Docs is easy to use. Users can follow the setup instructions on the Wraith Docs website to start using the add-on.

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