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December 4, 2023
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What is Talenteer?

Talenteer is an internal talent marketplace developed by Itransition that streamlines talent allocation within organizations. It is designed to match employees to in-house opportunities through an AI-powered solution. Talenteer centralizes information on employee skills and capabilities, making it easily accessible to all company departments. Employees can customize their profiles, add and edit skills, and indicate their career interests. The AI-powered matching feature simplifies navigation and avoids information overload. User acceptance testing and feedback collection ensure seamless user adoption. Guides, manuals, educational videos, and company-wide workshops familiarize employees with Talenteer. The solution helps organizations maximize workforce value, gain valuable insights to refine business strategy, and address rapidly changing business priorities. It centralizes employee information and simplifies navigation to avoid overwhelming users.

Talenteer Features

  • Customizable Employee Profiles

    Employees can customize their profiles, adding and editing skills to provide a comprehensive description of their capabilities and interests.

  • AI-Powered Matching and Tags

    AI-powered matching and tags feature simplifies navigation and matches employees with relevant opportunities based on their skills.

  • Simplified Navigation

    Talenteer provides simplified navigation to ensure users can easily find and access the information they need without feeling overwhelmed.

  • User Acceptance Testing and Feedback Collection

    Talenteer conducts user acceptance testing and collects feedback to ensure a smooth user adoption process and continuous improvement of the platform.

Talenteer Use Cases

  • Candidate Search

    HR managers can use Talenteer to search for candidates that match specific skillsets or other parameters, making the recruitment process more efficient and targeted.

  • Opportunity Staffing

    Talenteer enables managers to staff new opportunities within the organization by identifying and assigning relevant candidates based on their skills, maximizing the utilization of in-house talent.

  • Internal Job Openings and Learning Opportunities

    Talenteer helps in placing and managing internal job openings, short-term engagements, gigs, and learning opportunities, allowing employees to explore and apply for growth opportunities within the company.

Related Tasks

  • Candidate Matching

    Talenteer enables the matching of candidates with specific skillsets or qualifications to job opportunities within the organization, ensuring a targeted and efficient recruitment process.

  • Employee Skills Tracking

    Talenteer allows for the centralized tracking and management of employee skills and capabilities, providing valuable insights for resource allocation and talent development.

  • Internal Job Postings

    Talenteer facilitates the posting and management of internal job opportunities, making it easier for employees to explore and apply for available positions within the organization.

  • Talent Allocation

    With Talenteer, managers can allocate available talent to projects, tasks, or initiatives based on their skills and capabilities, optimizing workforce allocation.

  • Performance Assessment

    Talenteer can be used to assess employee performance and identify potential skills gaps, enabling organizations to address development needs and improve workforce productivity.

  • Training and Development

    Talenteer aids in identifying learning and development opportunities, matching employees with relevant training programs or initiatives to foster continuous growth and skill enhancement.

  • Workforce Planning

    Through the analytics features of Talenteer, organizations can conduct workforce planning and assess employee capacity, helping to ensure resource availability for upcoming projects or initiatives.

  • Skills Inventory Management

    Talenteer allows for the maintenance of a comprehensive skills inventory, providing visibility into the collective capabilities and expertise of employees within the organization.

  • HR Managers

    They use Talenteer to efficiently search for and match candidates to job opportunities within the organization, streamlining the recruitment process.

  • Talent Acquisition Specialists

    They leverage Talenteer to identify qualified candidates based on specific skillsets or parameters and facilitate the hiring process.

  • Project Managers

    They utilize Talenteer to staff projects with suitable in-house professionals, ensuring optimal resource allocation and project success.

  • Learning and Development Managers

    They use Talenteer to identify learning opportunities and match employees with relevant training programs to foster continuous growth and development.

  • Team Leads

    They rely on Talenteer to identify available resources within the organization and assign individuals with the right skills to projects and tasks.

  • Employees

    They utilize Talenteer to update and maintain their profiles, express career interests, and explore in-house job openings and growth opportunities.

  • Talent Operations Managers

    They leverage Talenteer to analyze workforce data, identify skill gaps, and make data-driven decisions to optimize talent allocation and utilization.

  • Business Strategists

    They rely on Talenteer's analytics features to gain insights into employee skills and interests and utilize this information to refine business strategies and address changing priorities.

Talenteer FAQs

What is Talenteer?

Talenteer is an internal talent marketplace developed by Itransition that helps organizations streamline talent flow and maximize workforce value.

What are the key features of Talenteer?

Talenteer offers customizable employee profiles, AI-powered matching and tags features, simplified navigation, user acceptance testing and feedback collection, guides and educational resources, company-wide workshops, and a Talenteer satisfaction survey.

How does Talenteer work?

Talenteer centralizes employee skills and capabilities information, allowing managers to create and match in-house opportunities based on skills. It also provides analytics for refining business strategy and addressing shifting priorities.

What are the use cases of Talenteer?

Talenteer can be used for candidate search, opportunity staffing, and managing internal job openings, short-term engagements, gigs, and learning opportunities.

How can Talenteer help organizations streamline talent flow?

Talenteer helps organizations track employee capacity, create new opportunities, and match them with in-house professionals, optimizing talent allocation within the organization.

How can Talenteer help organizations maximize workforce value?

Talenteer enables organizations to unlock the full potential of their workforce by effectively matching employees with relevant in-house opportunities and utilizing their skills and capabilities.

How can Talenteer help organizations gain valuable insights to refine business strategy?

Talenteer provides analytics features that offer valuable insights into employee skills, capabilities, and interests, allowing organizations to refine their business strategy based on this information.

How can Talenteer help organizations address rapidly changing business priorities?

Talenteer's centralized talent information and AI-powered matching features enable organizations to quickly identify and deploy resources to address rapidly changing business priorities in a flexible and efficient manner.

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