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December 1, 2023
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What is TaCo?

TaCo is an all-in-one conversation assistant designed to help users manage their daily conversations and turn them into manageable tasks. Powered by AI technology, TaCo learns and understands users’ communication patterns and network. It reminds users at the best timing, distinguishes between close contacts and strangers, and even writes replies to messages that mimic the user’s style. This personalized AI model is focused on managing asynchronous communication, making it the perfect tool for remote or hybrid work settings. By saving time and increasing productivity, TaCo helps users navigate through the chaos of multiple communication platforms seamlessly.

TaCo Features

  • Personalized AI Model

    TaCo utilizes a personalized AI model to understand users' communication patterns and preferences, making it a tailored experience.

  • Time Saving

    TaCo is designed to save users time by intelligently managing their daily conversations and transforming them into manageable tasks.

  • Managing Async Communication

    TaCo excels at managing asynchronous communication, enabling users to stay organized and efficient in remote or hybrid work settings.

  • Research-Grade Tech AI Model

    TaCo incorporates a research-grade tech AI model capable of understanding users' communication and network, providing a high-quality assistant-like experience.

TaCo Use Cases

  • Task Management

    TaCo assists users in managing their daily conversations by turning them into organized tasks, ensuring that important discussions are not forgotten or overlooked.

  • Prioritizing Communication

    TaCo helps users determine the importance of different conversations by distinguishing between close contacts and strangers, allowing them to prioritize their communication effectively.

  • Efficient Replies

    TaCo writes replies that mimic the user's style, saving time and effort in crafting responses across multiple communication platforms.

Related Tasks

  • Conversation Organization

    TaCo helps in organizing and categorizing daily conversations, keeping track of important details and discussions.

  • Task Management

    TaCo allows users to turn conversations into actionable tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Prioritizing Communication

    TaCo helps prioritize conversations by identifying important contacts and ensuring prompt responses.

  • Time Management

    TaCo saves time by intelligently managing conversations and providing reminders at the best timing.

  • Efficient Collaboration

    TaCo facilitates seamless collaboration by keeping conversations and tasks centralized, allowing team members to work together more efficiently.

  • Personalized Responses

    TaCo generates personalized replies that mimic the user's style, saving time and effort in crafting responses across different platforms.

  • Workflow Optimization

    By transforming conversations into tasks, TaCo optimizes workflows, ensuring smoother and more organized communication processes.

  • Remote Work Support

    TaCo proves particularly useful in remote work environments, managing asynchronous communication effectively and helping remote teams stay connected.

  • Project Manager

    Utilizes TaCo to efficiently manage project-related conversations, prioritize tasks, and ensure timely communication with team members.

  • Executive Assistant

    Relies on TaCo to organize and streamline the executive's daily conversations, turning them into actionable tasks and providing timely reminders.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Uses TaCo to handle and manage multiple conversations across different channels, ensuring efficient communication and follow-up on various tasks.

  • Freelancer

    Leverages TaCo to keep track of client communications, transforming them into manageable tasks, and maintaining professional relationships.

  • Social Media Manager

    Utilizes TaCo to stay organized with social media conversations, schedule posts, and engage with followers, enhancing overall social media management efficiency.

  • Customer Support Representative

    Relies on TaCo to effectively manage customer conversations, prioritize inquiries, and provide timely responses for improved customer service.

  • Marketing Manager

    Uses TaCo to streamline communication with team members, clients, and stakeholders, transforming discussions into actionable marketing initiatives.

  • Sales Representative

    Leverages TaCo to track and manage sales-related conversations, stay organized with prospects, and prioritize follow-ups, resulting in improved sales efficiency.


What is TaCo?

TaCo is an all-in-one conversation assistant that helps users manage their daily conversations and turn them into manageable tasks.

How does TaCo work?

TaCo uses AI to understand users' communication and network, helping them stay organized and efficient.

What are the key features of TaCo?

TaCo offers a personalized AI model, research-grade tech AI model, time-saving capabilities, and manages asynchronous communication.

How does TaCo save time?

TaCo saves time by reminding users at the best timing, distinguishing between close contacts and strangers, and even writing replies like the user.

Is TaCo secure?

Yes, TaCo uses research-grade tech AI model and ensures the security and privacy of users' communication.

Can TaCo be used for personal communication?

Yes, TaCo is suitable for both personal and professional communication.

Is TaCo available for free?

TaCo offers a free trial, but after that, users need to pay for a subscription to continue using its services.

What platforms is TaCo available on?

TaCo is available on iOS, Android, and web.

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