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February 20, 2024
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What is Supersense?

Supersense is a mobile scanner application designed specifically for blind and visually impaired users. It utilizes advanced computer vision and machine learning models to recognize and read various elements in the user’s physical environment, including text, currency, barcodes, and objects. The app automatically detects the user’s scanning needs, provides smart guidance on camera positioning, and reads the content in the appropriate format. Supersense is equipped with features like a smart scanner, quick read, document reader, object explorer, and import capabilities for images and PDF files. Its innovative design significantly reduces the time and frustrations associated with scanning and reading for individuals with visual impairments.

Supersense Features

  • Smart Scanner

    Automatically detects and scans text, documents, currency, and barcodes with high accuracy.

  • Smart Guidance

    Guides users on how to position the camera for optimal results while scanning.

  • Quick Read

    Instantly reads text in front of the rear camera for fast and convenient access.

  • Object Explorer and Find

    Scans the user's physical environment and provides information about surrounding objects.

Supersense Use Cases

  • Reading Text

    Supersense enables blind and visually impaired users to quickly and accurately scan and read text from various sources, including imported images and other applications like Facebook or WhatsApp.

  • Exploring Physical Environment

    With Supersense, users can explore their surroundings by scanning the physical environment and receiving audio feedback about the objects around them, such as doors, chairs, and people.

  • Scanning Barcodes

    Supersense allows users to efficiently scan and read barcodes, providing information about products. If a product is not recognized, users can label it and share the information with others, expanding the app's database.

Related Tasks

  • Scan and Read Text Documents

    Users can quickly and accurately scan and read text documents, such as letters, books, and articles, to access written information.

  • Identify Currency

    Supersense can recognize and read different currencies, helping users identify and distinguish between different denominations of bills.

  • Read Barcodes

    Users can scan and read barcodes on various products to obtain information about the items, such as product details and pricing.

  • Explore Surroundings

    Supersense offers the ability to scan the physical environment and receive audio feedback about nearby objects, enabling users to navigate and understand their surroundings.

  • Import and Read Images

    Users can import images from other applications or take pictures to have Supersense read any text present in the images.

  • Convert Pdfs to Readable Text

    Supersense allows users to import PDF files and convert them into readable text, making it easier to access and comprehend the content.

  • Read Signs and Labels

    Supersense can recognize and read signage and labels, providing essential information and increasing independence for visually impaired users.

  • Identify Objects

    By utilizing object recognition, Supersense can help users identify various objects in their environment, such as furniture, electronics, or household items.

  • Rehabilitation Specialist

    Rehabilitation specialists can use Supersense to assist individuals with visual impairments in improving their independence and accessing printed materials.

  • Accessibility Consultant

    Accessibility consultants can utilize Supersense to evaluate the usability and accessibility of various physical environments for individuals with visual impairments.

  • Braille Transcriber

    Braille transcribers can utilize Supersense to scan and convert printed materials into digital text, which can then be translated into Braille for visually impaired individuals.

  • Assistive Technology Trainer

    Assistive technology trainers can use Supersense to teach blind and visually impaired individuals how to effectively use the app to scan and read text, objects, and barcodes.

  • Orientation and Mobility Specialist

    Orientation and mobility specialists can incorporate Supersense into their training programs, teaching visually impaired individuals how to navigate their surroundings and gather information about their environment.

  • Special Education Teacher

    Special education teachers can introduce Supersense to visually impaired students in the classroom, supporting their access to printed materials and promoting independent learning.

  • Low Vision Therapist

    Low vision therapists can recommend the use of Supersense to individuals with low vision, enabling them to make the most of their remaining visual capabilities and access information more effectively.

  • Accessible Technology Advocate

    Accessible technology advocates can promote Supersense as a valuable tool for enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for individuals with visual impairments in various settings such as workplaces, schools, and public spaces.

Supersense FAQs

What is Supersense?

Supersense is a mobile scanner application designed for blind and visually impaired users, allowing them to scan and read text, currency, barcodes, and objects in their physical environment.

Who is Supersense designed for?

Supersense is specifically designed for blind and visually impaired users.

What are the key features of Supersense?

The key features of Supersense include Smart Scanner, Smart Guidance, Quick Read, Document Reader, Object Explorer and Find, and Import Images and PDFs.

How does Supersense work?

Supersense utilizes computer vision and machine learning models to recognize and read various elements, guiding users on camera positioning and reading content in the right format.

What can Supersense scan and read?

Supersense can scan and read text, currency, barcodes, and objects in the user's physical environment.

Can Supersense read images imported from other applications?

Yes, users can read images imported from other applications such as Facebook or WhatsApp using Supersense.

How accurate is Supersense?

Supersense is known for being the fastest and most accurate text scanner and reader, utilizing proprietary techniques to increase accuracy even with blurry images.

Can Supersense scan barcodes?

Yes, Supersense can scan and store barcodes, providing information about the scanned products.

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