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March 8, 2024
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What is Summarise Me?

Summarise Me is an AI-powered tool that generates summaries of websites and PDFs. With Summarise Me, users can enter a website URL or a public link to a PDF in Google Drive, select the desired length of the summary, and the tool will use AI algorithms to analyze the content and generate a summary in real-time. It can also summarize uploaded PDF files, with a maximum file size of 100 MB. Whether it’s for research papers, news articles, textbooks, or other reading materials, Summarise Me helps users save time by quickly generating high-quality summaries.

Summarise Me Features

  • Summarizes Websites and Pdfs

    Summarise Me can generate concise summaries of both online articles and PDF documents.

  • Short and Long Summary Lengths

    Users can choose between shorter or more detailed summaries based on their needs.

  • PDF Summarization

    Summarise Me can also summarize PDF files, making it a versatile tool for various types of documents.

  • Maximum File Size of 100 MB

    Users can upload PDFs with a file size of up to 100 MB for summarization.

Summarise Me Use Cases

  • Research

    Researchers can utilize Summarise Me to quickly generate summaries of research papers, saving time and assisting in identifying key information.

  • News

    Summarise Me can be employed to generate summaries of news articles, enabling users to swiftly gain an overview of the content of the article.

  • Education

    Students can leverage Summarise Me to create summaries of textbooks or other reading materials, aiding them in studying more efficiently.

Related Tasks

  • Extracting Key Points

    Summarise Me can extract and summarize the main points from lengthy research papers or articles.

  • Saving Reading Time

    Users can generate summaries of webpages or PDFs with Summarise Me to save time while still gaining an understanding of the content.

  • Efficient Studying

    Students can use Summarise Me to summarize textbooks, making studying more efficient by focusing on essential information.

  • News Overview

    Summarise Me allows users to quickly generate summaries of news articles, providing an overview of the content without extensive reading.

  • Content Curation

    With Summarise Me, content curators can summarize articles and documents to curate and share relevant information with their audience.

  • Quick Research Insights

    Summarise Me helps researchers quickly identify key insights and relevant information from research papers and academic articles.

  • Decision Making Support

    Professionals can rely on Summarise Me to generate concise summaries of business reports, presentations, and industry analyses to support decision-making.

  • Legal Document Analysis

    Summarise Me can assist legal professionals in summarizing complex legal documents, saving time and aiding in thorough analysis.

  • Researchers

    Researchers can use Summarise Me to quickly summarize research papers and identify key information for their studies.

  • Journalists

    Journalists can utilize Summarise Me to generate summaries of news articles, enabling them to gather information swiftly for their reporting.

  • Students

    Students can benefit from Summarise Me by generating summaries of textbooks and study materials, helping them to study more efficiently and grasp key concepts.

  • Content Curators

    Content curators can employ Summarise Me to summarize web articles and PDFs, making it easier for them to curate and share relevant information.

  • Legal Professionals

    Lawyers and legal researchers can save time by using Summarise Me to summarize legal documents, enabling them to quickly extract essential information.

  • Educators

    Educators can utilize Summarise Me to generate summaries of educational materials, allowing them to provide concise overviews of complex topics to their students.

  • Market Researchers

    Market researchers can employ Summarise Me to quickly summarize industry reports and analyze key findings, helping them to generate insights efficiently.

  • Business Professionals

    Professionals from various industries can use Summarise Me to extract key information from business reports, presentations, and whitepapers, aiding in decision-making and staying updated.

Summarise Me FAQs

How much does Summarise Me cost?

Summarise Me is a free tool.

What file types can Summarise Me summarize?

Summarise Me can summarize websites and PDFs.

What is the maximum file size for uploaded PDFs?

The maximum file size for uploaded PDFs is 100 MB.

Can Summarise Me summarize images or audio files?

No, Summarise Me can only summarize websites and PDFs.

How long does it take to generate a summary?

Summarise Me generates summaries in real-time, depending on the length of the content being summarized.

Is Summarise Me's AI algorithm accurate?

The accuracy of Summarise Me's AI algorithm varies based on the content being summarized; users should review the generated summary.

Can Summarise Me summarize non-English content?

Summarise Me can summarize non-English content, but the accuracy may be affected by the language used.

Can Summarise Me be used to summarize password-protected PDFs?

No, Summarise Me cannot summarize password-protected PDFs.

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