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Starts at $199/user
January 25, 2024
Ambient Note Generation
Dictation and Command Functionality
Deep EHR Integrations
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Medical Transcriptionists
Medical Scribes
Use Cases
Reduce Documentation Time
Increase Revenue
Improve Efficiency and Capacity

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What is Suki AI?

Suki AI is an AI-powered voice assistant designed specifically for the healthcare industry. It helps clinicians create accurate notes with fewer edits and clicks, reducing documentation time by an average of 72%. Suki Assistant uses artificial intelligence that learns from each interaction to generate notes with high accuracy. It can be used for dictation, giving commands, or in ambient mode to automatically generate notes based on clinician-patient conversations. The assistant integrates seamlessly with popular EHR systems such as Epic, Cerner, Athena, and Elation. This highly personalized tool works on mobile, web, and desktop platforms, giving clinicians the flexibility to use it wherever they are. With its ability to improve efficiency and reduce administrative burden, Suki AI enables healthcare professionals to focus more on providing quality patient care.

Suki AI Features

  • Ambient Note Generation

    Automatically generates notes from clinician-patient conversations.

  • Dictation and Command Functionality

    Supports dictation and command inputs for seamless interaction.

  • Deep EHR Integrations

    Fully integrates with popular EHR systems like Epic, Cerner, Athena, and Elation.

  • Highly Personalized

    Learns from each interaction to provide more accurate, predictive, and assistive capabilities.

Suki AI Use Cases

  • Reduce Documentation Time

    Suki AI can significantly reduce the time required for clinicians to document patient encounters, allowing them to spend more time providing care.

  • Increase Revenue

    By capturing more detailed and accurate notes, Suki AI supports higher reimbursement rates and helps minimize denied claims, ultimately improving revenue for healthcare practices.

  • Improve Efficiency and Capacity

    Suki AI enables doctors to focus on patient care by streamlining administrative tasks and freeing up valuable time, thereby increasing both efficiency and capacity within healthcare organizations.

Related Tasks

  • Efficient Note Creation

    Generate accurate and detailed patient notes with fewer edits and clicks, reducing documentation time for clinicians.

  • Dictation Assistance

    Use voice commands to dictate notes and instructions, enhancing efficiency and freeing up hands for clinical tasks.

  • Ambient Note Generation

    Automatically generate notes by listening to clinician-patient conversations, eliminating the need for manual note-taking.

  • Seamless EHR Integration

    Integrate Suki AI with popular EHR systems, allowing for smooth data transfer and improving workflow efficiency.

  • Personalized Assistance

    Benefit from Suki AI's ability to learn from each interaction to provide more accurate and predictive support tailored to individual clinician preferences.

  • Command Functionality

    Give voice commands to navigate through EHR systems, access patient data, and perform various administrative tasks with ease.

  • Support Higher Reimbursement Rates

    Capture comprehensive and detailed notes with Suki AI, ensuring accurate documentation for optimal reimbursement.

  • Streamlined Administrative Tasks

    Automate documentation processes and reduce administrative burden, enabling clinicians to focus more on patient care.

  • Physicians

    Use Suki AI to create accurate and detailed patient notes, reducing documentation time and increasing focus on patient care.

  • Nurses

    Utilize Suki AI to streamline documentation tasks, allowing them to spend more time providing direct patient care.

  • Medical Transcriptionists

    Benefit from Suki AI's accurate dictation feature, reducing the need for manual transcription and improving overall efficiency.

  • Medical Scribes

    Use Suki AI to capture patient encounters in real-time, enabling them to generate accurate notes quickly and easily.

  • Healthcare Administrators

    Leverage Suki AI to streamline administrative tasks by automating note generation and improving overall workflow efficiency.

  • Medical Coders

    Utilize Suki AI's precise documentation to ensure accurate and compliant coding for reimbursement purposes.

  • Healthcare IT Professionals

    Implement and integrate Suki AI within healthcare systems to enhance documentation processes and improve data accuracy.

  • Surgeons

    Use Suki AI to quickly and accurately document surgical procedures, facilitating seamless communication and information retrieval for future reference.

Suki AI FAQs

What is Suki AI?

Suki AI is an AI-powered voice assistant designed for healthcare that helps clinicians create accurate notes with fewer edits and clicks.

How does Suki Assistant work?

Suki Assistant uses AI to learn from interactions and generate accurate notes through dictation, command inputs, or ambient mode based on clinician-patient conversations.

What are the key features of Suki Assistant?

Suki Assistant offers ambient note generation, dictation and command functionality, deep EHR integrations, highly personalized assistance, and affordability.

How much does Suki Assistant cost?

Suki Assistant starts at $199/user/month and offers affordable pricing with potential cost coverage through less than 2 additional encounters per month.

Which EHR systems does Suki Assistant integrate with?

Suki Assistant integrates fully with popular EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, Athena, and Elation.

How can Suki Assistant help reduce documentation time?

Suki Assistant can reduce documentation time by an average of 72%, giving physicians more time to focus on patient care.

How can Suki Assistant increase revenue?

Suki Assistant helps physicians capture more detailed notes, supporting higher reimbursement rates and reducing the likelihood of denied claims.

What are some use cases for Suki Assistant?

Suki Assistant can be used to reduce documentation time, increase revenue, and improve overall efficiency and capacity within healthcare organizations.

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