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December 17, 2023
Remote Controllable Props
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What is Moonshot by Reason?

Moonshot by Reason is an incredibly advanced virtual escape room experience designed for remote teams of 12-100 participants. Originally developed for NASA, SpaceX, and JPL, this high-tech virtual team-building activity simulates an epic space race scenario. Teams are placed in an alien environment where they engage with an AI assistant, interact with remote-controllable props, and communicate with a live human host over video conference. The objective is to execute the ultimate rescue mission, requiring strategic thinking, problem-solving, and thinking outside the box. Moonshot encourages collaboration and critical thinking in a unique and immersive setting, making it an ideal choice for team building, corporate training, or entertainment purposes.

Moonshot by Reason Features

  • AI Assistant

    Moonshot by Reason includes an AI assistant to guide participants throughout the virtual escape room experience.

  • Remote Controllable Props

    Teams can interact with and control props in both the real world and the virtual environment to solve puzzles and progress in the game.

  • Live Human Host Over Video Conference

    A live human host is available to facilitate the experience and provide assistance to participants via video conference.

  • Puzzles in the Real World the Digital World

    Moonshot combines physical and digital puzzles to create an immersive and interactive experience for players.

Moonshot by Reason Use Cases

  • Team Building

    Moonshot by Reason can be used as a team-building activity for remote teams, fostering collaboration, problem-solving, and strategic thinking.

  • Corporate Training

    It serves as a unique and engaging platform for corporate training, encouraging employees to think critically and work together to solve complex challenges.

  • Entertainment

    Moonshot by Reason provides an immersive and interactive experience, making it an ideal choice for entertainment purposes, such as hosting a virtual escape room experience for groups of friends or family members.

Related Tasks

  • Solve Complex Puzzles

    Engage in intricate and challenging puzzles in both the real and digital worlds to progress in the virtual escape room experience.

  • Communicate and Collaborate

    Interact with the live human host and team members over video conference to strategize, problem-solve, and execute the ultimate rescue mission.

  • Think Strategically

    Develop and implement effective strategies to overcome obstacles and accomplish objectives within the simulated space race scenario.

  • Foster Teamwork

    Encourage teamwork and cooperation among team members as they work together to unravel mysteries and complete missions.

  • Engage with AI Assistant

    Utilize the AI assistant's guidance and support to gather information, navigate the virtual environment, and seek solutions.

  • Control Remote Props

    Interact with remote controllable props to uncover clues, activate mechanisms, and unlock new paths within the virtual escape room.

  • Adapt to Alien Environment

    Adapt and thrive in an alien environment by thinking creatively and adapting to unfamiliar challenges presented in the virtual space race.

  • Encourage Critical Thinking

    Stimulate critical thinking abilities by encouraging participants to analyze information, draw connections, and think outside the box to progress in the Moonshot experience.

  • Team Building Facilitators

    Use Moonshot by Reason to create immersive and engaging team-building activities for remote teams, fostering collaboration and problem-solving skills.

  • Corporate Trainers

    Utilize Moonshot by Reason as a unique platform for corporate training to encourage critical thinking and teamwork among employees.

  • Event Planners

    Incorporate Moonshot by Reason as an entertainment option for virtual events to provide an interactive and memorable experience for participants.

  • HR Managers

    Use Moonshot by Reason for virtual team-building initiatives, enhancing employee engagement and strengthening relationships within remote teams.

  • Educators

    Integrate Moonshot by Reason into educational settings to promote problem-solving and critical thinking skills among students in a fun and engaging manner.

  • Recreation Program Coordinators

    Implement Moonshot by Reason as a recreational activity for groups, offering an exciting and immersive virtual escape room experience.

  • Professional Development Trainers

    Incorporate Moonshot by Reason into professional development programs to enhance teamwork and strategic thinking abilities in participants.

  • Entertainment Event Organizers

    Include Moonshot by Reason as a thrilling and interactive entertainment option for virtual parties, gatherings, or social events.

Moonshot by Reason FAQs

Do I need any special knowledge or skills to participate in Moonshot?

No, prior knowledge or technology experience is required for participants to be successful in the moonshot missions.

Will I be mixed with strangers during the experience?

No, bookings are private, so there is no mixing with strangers in pick-up games.

What are the session times for Moonshot?

Session times are listed in PST (San Francisco Time).

Can Moonshot be used for corporate team-building activities?

Yes, Moonshot is specifically designed for remote teams of 12-100 and can be used for team-building purposes.

What is the background of Moonshot?

Moonshot was originally developed for NASA, SpaceX, and JPL, making it a high-tech virtual escape room experience.

How many players can participate in Moonshot?

Up to 88 additional players can be added to the experience.

What is the main objective of Moonshot?

The main objective is to execute the ultimate rescue mission over video conference in an epic space race scenario.

What are the key components of Moonshot?

Moonshot features an AI assistant, remote controllable props, a live human host over video conference, and puzzles in the real world & the digital world.

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