December 13, 2023
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What is is an AI-powered search engine developed by SideGuide that provides customized answers based on a user’s documentation. It can easily be integrated into applications with just one line of code and offers integrations with platforms like Discord, Slack, and Github. Mendable continuously improves its accuracy by aggregating feedback and offers reporting insights to improve the developer experience. It can be used for various use cases, such as automatically answering developers’ questions based on documentation and integrating chat-powered search bars into websites. Mendable does not currently look at a user’s code but may consider adding this feature in the future with opt-out options. Features

  • Multiple Base LLM Models supports various base LLM models, including privacy-first models, for enhanced AI capabilities.

  • Training Through Answer Correction

    The tool allows training through answer correction, improving accuracy over time.

  • Custom Prompt Edits

    Users can customize prompts to tailor the AI's responses to specific requirements.

  • Customizable Components offers customizable components like search bars, chat bubbles, and full CLIs built on the API for seamless integration into different applications. Use Cases

  • Developer Documentation can automatically answer developers' questions based on documentation, improving the overall developer experience.

  • Integrating with Websites can be integrated into websites to provide a chat-powered search bar, allowing users to easily find information and enhance their user experience.

  • Improving User Experience's reporting insights can help identify blockers and improve the developer experience by providing valuable insights and analytics into usage patterns and user interactions.

Related Tasks

  • Automated QA can automatically answer users' questions based on the provided documentation, improving efficiency and user experience.

  • Content Generation can assist in generating relevant and accurate content for developer documentation, saving time and effort.

  • Integrating Search Functionality can be integrated into websites or documentation platforms to provide a chat-powered search bar, allowing users to find information quickly and easily.

  • Improving Developer Support's accurate responses and continuous improvement through feedback aggregation enhance the overall developer support experience.

  • Reporting and Analytics provides reporting insights and analytics to identify trends, blockers, and areas for improvement within the developer ecosystem.

  • Customization of AI Responses

    Users can customize and fine-tune's AI model prompts to ensure the generated responses meet their specific requirements.

  • Enhancing Documentation Accessibility

    By incorporating, documentation becomes more accessible with its user-friendly search capabilities.

  • Continuous Improvement

    Through continuous learning and feedback aggregation, optimizes its AI model to deliver increasingly accurate and valuable responses over time.

  • Developer Advocate

    Utilizes to provide accurate and automated answers to developers' questions, enhancing the documentation and support experience.

  • Technical Writer

    Relies on to automatically generate relevant and helpful content for developer documentation, saving time and improving the quality of materials.

  • Web Developer

    Integrates into websites to provide a chat-powered search feature, enabling users to quickly find the information they need and enhance the user experience.

  • Product Manager

    Leverages to gather reporting insights and analytics on user interactions, identifying areas for improvement and enhancing the overall product experience.

  • Support Engineer

    Utilizes to provide instant and accurate answers to user inquiries, resolving issues efficiently and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Developer Relations Manager

    Uses to offer comprehensive and reliable developer resources, ensuring developers have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Documentation Manager

    Relies on to automate the generation and curation of documentation content, improving efficiency and maintaining consistent and valuable resources.

  • Open Source Contributor

    Benefits from's free plan, which allows developers to integrate the AI-powered search engine into their open source projects, improving documentation accessibility and user experience. FAQs

Is Mendableai an open-source tool?

No, is currently a closed-source tool.

How can Mendableai be integrated with my application? can be integrated with applications through its API easily.

Is Mendableai 100% accurate?

Like humans, AI will never be 100% accurate, so cannot assure that every solution will be correct.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be canceled through the platform by accessing the account settings and making modifications through Stripe.

Does Mendableai train its AI model with my code?

Currently, does not look at the code in your repository, but this may be an option in the future with users having the choice to opt out.

Is there a free plan for Mendableai?

Yes, offers a free plan that is limited to 100 chats per month, and it is also available for free with certain open source projects.

How do I remove the "Powered by Mendable" tag?

Information on removing the "Powered by Mendable" tag is not available in the provided search results.

What are the components provided by Mendableai? provides various components such as search bars, chat bubbles, and full CLIs built on its API, which can be customized or built upon by users. Alternatives User Reviews

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