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February 23, 2024
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What is Meetly?

Meetly AI is an innovative tool designed to simplify meeting note-taking and action item tracking. By leveraging artificial intelligence technology (meetGPT), Meetly AI automatically captures meeting notes, freeing users from the task of taking notes themselves. This allows users to stay present and connected during meetings, focusing on the conversation rather than the documentation. The tool offers various pricing plans, including a free trial, and is utilized by teams across different industries. With Meetly AI, users can review, edit, and send meeting notes, enhancing productivity and collaboration.

Meetly Features

  • Automatic Meeting Notes

    Meetly AI automatically captures and generates meeting notes, saving users time and effort.

  • Action Item Tracking

    The tool enables users to easily track and manage action items discussed during meetings for efficient follow-up and task completion.

  • Feedforward Feature

    Meetly AI offers the unique feature of providing helpful solutions and suggestions, rather than just feedback, to address challenges discussed in meetings.

  • Priority Management and to-Do Lists

    Users can prioritize tasks and create organized to-do lists within Meetly AI, helping them stay focused and manage their workload effectively.

Meetly Use Cases

  • Professional Meeting Efficiency

    Meetly AI streamlines note-taking and action item tracking during professional meetings, allowing participants to focus on the discussion and enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

  • Educational Note-Taking

    Meetly AI benefits students and educators in educational settings by capturing and organizing important points discussed during lectures and discussions, helping students review and study effectively, and supporting educators in delivering comprehensive content.

  • Team Collaboration and Note-Sharing

    Meetly AI facilitates seamless collaboration within teams across different industries, enabling easy sharing and access to meeting notes, fostering better communication, and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Related Tasks

  • Capture Meeting Notes

    Meetly allows users to automatically capture comprehensive meeting notes, saving time and facilitating accurate documentation.

  • Track Action Items

    With Meetly, users can easily track and manage action items discussed during meetings, ensuring timely follow-up and task completion.

  • Review and Edit Notes

    Meetly enables users to review and edit meeting notes, making it convenient to revise and refine the captured information.

  • Share Meeting Notes

    Users can easily share meeting notes with participants, fostering effective communication and collaboration.

  • Prioritize Tasks

    Meetly supports priority management by allowing users to prioritize tasks discussed in meetings, helping them focus on the most important action items.

  • Create to-Do Lists

    Users can leverage Meetly to create organized to-do lists based on meeting discussions, ensuring tasks are clear and easily actionable.

  • Enhance Collaboration

    Meetly facilitates seamless collaboration by enabling team members to access and contribute to the shared meeting notes, promoting transparency and teamwork.

  • Stay Present and Engaged

    By automating note-taking, Meetly helps users stay present and engaged during meetings, allowing for active participation and better comprehension of discussions.

  • Project Manager

    Project managers utilize Meetly to efficiently capture meeting notes and action items during team meetings, ensuring effective project coordination and follow-up.

  • Sales Representative

    Sales representatives rely on Meetly to document important details discussed in client meetings, facilitating accurate follow-up and improving customer relationship management.

  • Executive Assistant

    Executive assistants use Meetly to take meeting notes on behalf of executives, allowing them to stay focused during important discussions and providing them with comprehensive notes for future reference.

  • Academic Researcher

    Academic researchers leverage Meetly to capture key points, ideas, and references discussed in research meetings or conferences, aiding in the overall research process and data analysis.

  • Event Coordinator

    Event coordinators utilize Meetly to record meeting minutes during planning meetings, ensuring clear communication of tasks, deadlines, and action items among the event organizing team.

  • Consultant

    Consultants rely on Meetly to maintain detailed meeting notes and action items, enabling them to provide accurate and thorough guidance to their clients and track the progress of engagements.

  • Non-Profit Manager

    Non-profit managers use Meetly to document meeting discussions related to fundraising strategies, program planning, and stakeholder meetings, supporting effective decision-making and progress monitoring.

  • HR Manager

    HR managers use Meetly to capture meeting notes during employee review meetings, disciplinary actions, and training sessions, maintaining accurate records and facilitating effective employee management.

Meetly FAQs

What are the pricing plans for Meetly AI?

Meetly offers a Free plan, a Pro plan at $8/mo, and a Large Teams plan at $12/mo.

How does Meetly AI help users stay present during meetings?

Meetly's automatic note-taking feature allows users to focus on the conversation while the tool captures meeting notes.

What industries use Meetly AI for note-taking?

Meetly AI is used by teams in various industries, including Coindcx, Goodera, Antwalk, Wynk, and Recurr.

Does Meetly AI offer a free trial?

Yes, Meetly AI offers a 14-day free trial of its Pro features.

What is the Feedforward feature in Meetly AI?

The Feedforward feature provides solutions to challenges discussed in meetings, offering a proactive approach instead of just feedback.

Can users edit and send the meeting notes captured by Meetly AI?

Yes, users can edit and send the meeting notes captured by Meetly AI.

Are there any additional features included in the larger team plan?

Yes, the larger team plan includes additional features such as Single Sign-On (SSO) and custom integrations.

How does Meetly AI assist in priority management?

Meetly AI includes priority management features, helping users create efficient to-do lists and manage tasks effectively.

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