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March 7, 2024
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What is from Decisions? from Decisions is an advanced AI-powered meeting assistant tool designed to enhance the planning, execution, and analysis of meetings. It intelligently combines various sources of data, such as calendars, documents, chats, recordings, and transcripts, with large language models and Decisions’ expertise in meeting processes. This allows it to create intuitive and contextual interfaces for meetings. Users can interact with the AI assistant through platforms like Microsoft Teams, where they can start, add to, or modify agendas for upcoming meetings. empowers meeting organizers and administrators to generate agendas, take private notes, restrict document access, track tasks and decisions, generate meeting recaps, and analyze meeting data through a comprehensive dashboard. It is specifically designed for team leads, executive assistants, and other meeting administrators to optimize their meeting workflows and save time in preparation and execution. from Decisions Features

  • Private Notes

    Users can take private notes during meetings, ensuring their thoughts and ideas are captured without being visible to other participants.

  • Voting allows for easy and efficient voting during meetings, enabling participants to express their preferences and make informed decisions collectively.

  • Meeting Minutes

    This feature enables the automatic generation of meeting minutes, saving time and effort by capturing important details and action items discussed during the meeting.

  • Dashboard Analytics provides comprehensive analytics through a dynamic dashboard, offering insights and visualizations on meeting performance, attendee engagement, and other key metrics. from Decisions Use Cases

  • Efficient Agenda Creation enables users to quickly add topics to future meetings by asking the AI assistant to create rich topics from their input, streamlining the agenda creation process and saving time.

  • Seamless Meeting Collaboration

    With, users can generate agendas from scratch or enhance existing ones using templates. This promotes collaboration and ensures that all participants are aligned and prepared for the meeting.

  • Actionable Meeting Insights provides valuable meeting analytics and feedback scores, allowing users to gain insights into meeting performance, attendee engagement, and productivity. This data facilitates continuous improvement and enables better decision-making based on actionable insights.

Related Tasks

  • Agenda Creation allows users to generate comprehensive meeting agendas from scratch or enhance existing ones using templates, ensuring organized and productive discussions.

  • Meeting Minutes Generation

    Users can leverage to automatically generate meeting minutes, capturing important details and action items discussed during meetings for easy reference and accountability.

  • Task Tracking and Decision Logging facilitates tracking assigned tasks and logging decisions made during meetings, ensuring follow-up actions are documented and executed efficiently.

  • Meeting Collaboration

    With, users can collaborate and iterate on meeting agendas, enabling seamless collaboration among team members and ensuring everyone is aligned.

  • Meeting Analytics and Insights provides valuable analytics and insights on meeting performance, attendee engagement, and productivity, empowering users to track and improve meeting effectiveness.

  • Voting and Decision-Making enables users to conduct voting during meetings, facilitating decision-making processes and ensuring everyone's input is considered.

  • Private Notes

    Users can take private notes during meetings using, allowing them to capture personal thoughts and ideas without sharing them with other participants.

  • Meeting Recaps generates smart and concise meeting recaps, summarizing key details and outcomes discussed, making it easy for participants to review and reference important information.

  • Team Lead

    Team leads can use to plan and optimize team meetings, create agendas, track tasks, and generate meeting recaps for effective collaboration.

  • Executive Assistant

    Executive assistants can leverage to streamline meeting planning, manage agendas, capture meeting minutes, and analyze meeting data for their executives.

  • Project Manager

    Project managers can utilize to schedule and organize project meetings, collaborate on agendas, track decisions and action items, and generate meeting recaps for project updates.

  • Human Resources Manager

    HR managers can benefit from by using it to schedule and conduct HR meetings, generate meeting agendas, track important HR decisions, and ensure compliance with documented meeting records.

  • Sales Manager

    Sales managers can leverage to plan and conduct sales team meetings, track sales targets discussed in meetings, collaborate on meeting agendas, and generate meeting recaps to drive sales performance.

  • Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers can use to plan and execute marketing team meetings, brainstorm campaign ideas, track meeting minutes, and analyze meeting data for campaign performance evaluation.

  • Operations Manager

    Operations managers can utilize to coordinate operational meetings, create standing agendas for recurring meetings, track task assignments and decisions made during meetings, and review meeting recaps for operational improvements.

  • Business Ownerentrepreneur

    Business owners and entrepreneurs can benefit from by efficiently planning and executing team meetings, tracking important decisions and action items, generating meeting recaps, and ensuring effective team communication. from Decisions FAQs

What is MeetingCultureai? is an AI-powered meeting assistant tool developed by Decisions.

What are the key features of MeetingCultureai?

The key features include private notes, meeting book, voting, document access restriction, meeting minutes, meeting planner + backlog, task tracking and decision logging, and standing agendas for recurring meetings.

How does MeetingCultureai work? combines user-provided data with large language models and Decisions' understanding of meeting processes to create user-friendly interfaces for meetings.

Who is MeetingCultureai for? is designed for meeting organizers and administrators, such as team leads and executive assistants.

What sources of data does MeetingCultureai use? takes in data from various sources like calendars, documents, chats, recordings, and transcripts to enhance the meeting experience.

What platforms does MeetingCultureai integrate with? integrates exclusively with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, with future integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot.

What is the Meeting Recap feature in MeetingCultureai?

The Meeting Recap provides a smart summary of crucial meeting details, synthesized from chats, transcripts, and more.

What are the limitations of the Meeting Summary feature in MeetingCultureai?

Currently, the Meeting Summary only supports English, and only the meeting host and co-host can start or stop the meeting summary. from Decisions Alternatives from Decisions User Reviews

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