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December 6, 2023
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What is Meet Summary?

Meet Summary is an AI tool designed to automatically generate summaries of meetings. Using AI technology, it analyzes the audio or video recording of a meeting and generates a summary of the key points discussed. This summary is then sent to participants after the meeting, providing a general overview of the discussion and serving as a reminder of assigned tasks. The summary can be managed from a web portal and is delivered through email and posted to the meeting’s dedicated group chat in Team Chat. By eliminating the need for manual note-taking, Meet Summary saves time and effort for users, improving productivity and organization within teams.

Meet Summary Features

  • Automatic Summary Generation

    Meet Summary automatically generates a summary of the key points discussed in a meeting.

  • Easy to Use

    It is super easy to use for any team.

  • Task Assignment and Accountability

    Provides a reminder of tasks assigned to team members and holds them accountable by putting action items in emails.

  • Web Portal Management

    Summaries can be managed from the web portal, making it convenient to access and organize meeting summaries.

Meet Summary Use Cases

  • Team Productivity

    Meet Summary helps teams stay organized and productive by providing a summary of the key points discussed in a meeting, ensuring everyone is on the same page and aware of their assigned tasks.

  • Accountability and Task Management

    By putting action items in emails, Meet Summary holds each team member accountable for their specific responsibilities with assigned due dates, ensuring tasks are completed in a timely manner.

  • Time-Saving Meeting Summaries

    Instead of manually taking notes during meetings, Meet Summary automatically generates a summary of the meeting, saving time and effort for team members and allowing them to focus on the discussion at hand.

Related Tasks

  • Meeting Summarization

    Automatically generate a summary of meetings, capturing the key points and discussions.

  • Task Assignment

    Assign specific tasks and responsibilities to team members based on the meeting discussions.

  • Action Item Tracking

    Track action items and due dates mentioned during the meeting, ensuring accountability.

  • Collaboration Facilitation

    Provide a shared summary of the meeting to facilitate collaboration and keep all team members on the same page.

  • Decision Documentation

    Document important decisions made during meetings to refer back to later.

  • Progress Monitoring

    Track the progress of tasks and projects discussed in the meeting by referring to the summary.

  • Knowledge Sharing

    Share meeting summaries with absent team members or stakeholders who were not present to ensure they are informed.

  • Time and Effort Saving

    Eliminate the need for manual note-taking during meetings, saving time and effort for all participants.

  • Project Manager

    Use Meet Summary to keep track of meeting discussions and ensure tasks are assigned and completed.

  • Sales Team Lead

    Utilize Meet Summary to summarize client meetings, capture important details, and track action items.

  • Executive Assistant

    Use Meet Summary to provide meeting summaries to executives, ensuring they stay informed and can follow up on action items.

  • Marketing Coordinator

    Utilize Meet Summary to capture key points during marketing team meetings and track progress on marketing campaigns.

  • Team Leader in a Remote Team

    Use Meet Summary to provide remote team members with a summary of discussions and decisions made during virtual meetings.

  • Research Analyst

    Utilize Meet Summary to document meeting discussions and extract critical insights for research purposes.

  • Human Resources Manager

    Use Meet Summary to summarize team meetings related to HR topics, document action items, and follow up on employee-related tasks.

  • Startup Founder

    Utilize Meet Summary to streamline communication within the team, stay updated on progress, and track important decisions made during meetings.

Meet Summary FAQs

What is Meet Summary?

Meet Summary is an AI tool that automatically generates summaries of meetings.

How does Meet Summary work?

Meet Summary uses AI to analyze the audio or video recording of a meeting and automatically generates a summary of the key points discussed.

What are the key features of Meet Summary?

Meet Summary features include automatic summary generation, easy team usability, task assignment, accountability, web portal management, and more.

How can Meet Summary be used?

Meet Summary can be used to help teams stay organized and productive by providing a summary of meeting discussions and tasks.

Is Meet Summary free?

Meet Summary offers a free trial for the first three meetings, but after the trial period, it costs $19 per month for unlimited meetings.

What languages does Meet Summary support?

There is no information available on what languages Meet Summary supports.

Can Meet Summary be used with any video conferencing platform?

There is no information available on what video conferencing platforms Meet Summary can be used with.

Is Meet Summary secure?

There is no information available on the security of Meet Summary, but it is mentioned that it is available to customers with an active BAA.

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