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January 10, 2024
Shared Collaborative Agendas
Goal Setting and Tracking
Performance Reviews
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Collaborative Agenda Management
Goal Tracking and Alignment
Performance Reviews

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What is Hyper Context?

Hypercontext is a management tool that enhances collaborative meeting agendas for managers. It enables the creation and management of shared agendas for both 1:1s and team meetings, while also allowing for goal setting and tracking. The tool provides a dedicated workspace where team members can collaborate on agendas, take notes, share feedback, and assign next steps. With features such as integration with Google Docs and AI assistance, Hypercontext streamlines the meeting process and ensures better productivity and accountability. By providing performance reviews that go beyond checkboxes, Hypercontext also drives strategy and growth within teams.

Hyper Context Features

  • Shared Collaborative Agendas

    Team members have access to a shared agenda ensuring accountability for discussed topics.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

    Easy setup and tracking of goals that are automatically linked to 1:1s or team meetings.

  • Performance Reviews

    Performance reviews that drive strategy and growth beyond checkboxes.

  • Integration with Google Docs

    Seamless embedding of Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into workspaces for easy file access and viewing.

Hyper Context Use Cases

  • Collaborative Agenda Management

    Hypercontext allows teams to collaboratively set, manage, and share agendas, ensuring that every team member has access to the agenda and is accountable for the discussed topics.

  • Goal Tracking and Alignment

    With Hypercontext, teams can easily set up and track goals that are automatically linked to 1:1s or team meetings, ensuring that the team stays aligned and aware of their goals.

  • Performance Reviews

    Hypercontext goes beyond simple checkboxes and provides performance reviews that drive strategy and growth, making it an invaluable tool for effective performance management within teams.

Related Tasks

  • Collaborative Agenda Creation

    Easily create and manage shared agendas for 1:1s and team meetings, ensuring alignment and accountability.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

    Set up goals and track their progress, linking them directly to relevant meetings for seamless integration and visibility.

  • Meeting Notes and Documentation

    Take real-time notes during meetings, capture action items, and automatically generate meeting minutes for easy reference.

  • Performance Reviews

    Conduct comprehensive performance reviews that go beyond checkboxes, providing valuable insights to drive growth and development.

  • Feedback Collection

    Gather feedback from team members in a structured and organized manner, fostering a culture of open communication and continuous improvement.

  • Document Embedding

    Embed relevant files from Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly into meeting agendas for easy access and collaboration.

  • Next Steps Tracking

    Assign and track next steps for follow-up actions, ensuring accountability and efficient task management.

  • Collaboration and Communication

    Foster collaboration through a centralized platform, allowing team members to contribute, discuss, and collaborate on meeting agendas and related topics.

  • Team Manager

    Team managers use Hypercontext to facilitate collaborative agenda management, track goals, and conduct performance reviews during team meetings.

  • Project Manager

    Project managers utilize Hypercontext to set up agendas and goals for project meetings, track progress, and gather feedback from team members.

  • HR Manager

    HR managers can use Hypercontext to schedule and conduct 1:1 meetings with employees, discuss performance goals, and provide performance feedback.

  • Department Head

    Department heads rely on Hypercontext to establish meeting agendas, set departmental goals, and monitor the progress of their teams.

  • Executive

    Executives leverage Hypercontext to conduct strategic meetings, review performance across different departments, and align goals within the organization.

  • Scrum Master

    Scrum Masters use Hypercontext to facilitate agile team meetings, track sprint goals, and ensure effective collaboration within cross-functional teams.

  • Operations Manager

    Operations managers utilize Hypercontext to coordinate team meetings, discuss operational goals and strategies, and track performance metrics.

  • Business Owner

    Business owners can use Hypercontext to schedule and conduct meetings with stakeholders, set business objectives, track progress, and get feedback from team members.

Hyper Context FAQs

How does Hypercontext help with collaborative agendas?

Hypercontext provides a shared agenda where every team member has access and accountability for the discussed topics.

Can goals be linked to 11s or team meetings in Hypercontext?

Yes, Hypercontext offers easy-to-set-up goals that are automatically linked to 1:1s or team meetings.

What is the integration with Google Docs?

Hypercontext allows users to embed Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides into its workspaces, making it easy to find and view relevant files.

How does Hypercontext facilitate performance reviews?

The tool provides performance reviews that go beyond a checkbox to drive strategy and growth.

Is there AI assistance available in Hypercontext?

Yes, Hypercontext offers expert templates and AI assistance to facilitate collaborative agenda management.

What are the pricing plans for Hypercontext?

Hypercontext offers three plans: Basic, Pro, and Business, with flexible pricing that grows with your team's needs.

What features are included in the Basic plan?

The Basic plan includes unlimited 1:1 and team meetings, conversation starters, employee feedback, automated meeting minutes, agenda templates, storage, goal-setting, engagement reporting, and priority support.

Is there a free trial available?

Yes, Hypercontext offers a free trial so you can explore its features and see if it suits your needs before committing.

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