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What is Hirevire?

Hirevire is a comprehensive video-based hiring platform that aids in the recruitment process. It offers a range of features, including video interviewing, hiring assessments, AI automation, and more. With Hirevire, employers can create job postings that incorporate videos, enabling potential applicants to gain a better understanding of the job opportunity. The platform’s AI-powered automation engages candidates through chat-based job matching and automated communication, saving valuable time for hiring teams. Additionally, Hirevire provides AI-generated transcripts of video responses, facilitating efficient evaluation of candidate interviews. It is a versatile tool that streamlines and enhances the hiring process, making it easier for businesses to find the right talent.

Hirevire Features

  • Custom Video Storage

    Store and manage videos securely, tailored to your specific requirements.

  • AI-Generated Transcripts

    Automatically transcribe video responses for easy evaluation and analysis.

  • AI Automation

    Engage candidates through chat-based job matching and automated communication, speeding up the hiring process.

  • Unlimited Video Views

    Access and review candidates' video responses without any limitations.

Hirevire Use Cases

  • Video Interviewing

    Streamline the hiring process by conducting video interviews, allowing employers to assess candidates remotely and efficiently.

  • Hiring Assessments

    Utilize AI-powered assessments provided by Hirevire to evaluate candidates' responses, enabling a more objective and informed hiring decision-making process.

  • AI Automation

    Engage candidates from initial contact to hiring through Hirevire's AI automation, which includes chat-based job matching and automated communication, potentially reducing the time to hire by up to 4x.

Related Tasks

  • Conduct Video Interviews

    Employers can use Hirevire to conduct video interviews with candidates, enabling remote assessment and evaluation.

  • Evaluate Candidate Responses

    Hirevire's AI-powered technology can analyze and score candidate responses, facilitating efficient evaluation and comparison.

  • Streamline Hiring Process

    Hirevire's automated communication and chat-based job matching capabilities help streamline and expedite the hiring process.

  • Assess Candidate Skills

    AI assessments provided by Hirevire allow employers to evaluate candidates' skills and qualifications objectively.

  • Enhance Candidate Selection

    Video-based hiring through Hirevire provides a more comprehensive view of the candidates, facilitating improved selection decisions.

  • Increase Hiring Efficiency

    By eliminating the need for time-consuming phone screenings, Hirevire helps save valuable recruiter time, resulting in faster hiring cycles.

  • Improve Candidate Experience

    Hirevire's video-based approach enhances the candidate experience, providing them with an opportunity to showcase their skills and personality effectively.

  • Collaborate with Hiring Team

    Hirevire allows easy collaboration and sharing of candidate videos among the hiring team, enabling better-informed decision-making and feedback exchange.

  • Recruitment Manager

    Utilizes Hirevire to conduct video interviews and assessments, streamlining the hiring process and making informed hiring decisions.

  • Human Resources Coordinator

    Relies on Hirevire's video-based hiring platform to efficiently screen and evaluate candidates remotely, managing the recruitment process effectively.

  • Talent Acquisition Specialist

    Uses Hirevire to leverage video interviews and AI assessments, enabling a more objective evaluation of candidate responses and streamlining the talent acquisition process.

  • Hiring Manager

    Utilizes Hirevire to conduct video interviews and assessments, enabling efficient evaluation of candidates and making informed hiring decisions.

  • HR Consultant

    Leverages Hirevire's video interviewing and AI automation capabilities to enhance the recruitment process and provide valuable insights to client organizations.

  • Recruitment Specialist

    Relies on Hirevire's video-based hiring platform to conduct remote video interviews, engage candidates through automated communication, and streamline the recruitment process.

  • Talent Acquisition Manager

    Utilizes Hirevire to assess candidates remotely through video interviews and AI-powered assessments, facilitating effective talent acquisition for the organization.

  • HR Technology Specialist

    Manages the implementation and utilization of Hirevire's video-based hiring platform, ensuring smooth adoption and integration with the organization's HR technology infrastructure.

Hirevire FAQs

How does Hirevire help in the hiring process?

Hirevire streamlines and enhances the hiring process through video-based hiring solutions, AI assessments, and automation.

What are the key features of Hirevire?

The key features include custom video storage, AI-generated transcripts, and integrations with applicant tracking systems.

How does Hirevire's AI-powered automation work?

Hirevire's AI automation widens the candidate funnel through chat-based job matching and engages candidates from initial contact to hiring.

Can employers customize their branding on Hirevire?

Yes, employers can utilize custom branding and a custom subdomain on the platform.

What types of assessments does Hirevire offer?

Hirevire offers AI-powered assessments to evaluate candidates' responses, ensuring a more objective hiring process.

Is there a limit to the number of video views on Hirevire?

No, all plans include unlimited video views for employers.

How does Hirevire analyze and score candidate responses?

Hirevire uses AI algorithms to analyze and score candidate responses, considering factors such as content and vocabulary usage.

Does Hirevire offer chat support for users?

Yes, Hirevire provides chat support to assist users with any inquiries or issues they may encounter.

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