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January 9, 2024
No-Code Workspace
Managed Postgres Database
Built-in Authentication and Authorization
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Software Developer
Product Manager
Data Analyst
UX Designer
Use Cases
Building Internal Tools
Creating Social Apps
Developing Saas Products

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What is Backengine?

Backengine is a no-code AI tool that allows users to create, test, and deploy backend APIs powered by large language models (LLMs). Users can build their applications in a matter of minutes without writing any code. The tool works by allowing users to describe the endpoint logic in natural language, which is then passed to an LLM completion API. The LLM carries out the task and ‘asks’ for the result in a structured format. Once the endpoints are tested, users can deploy them with a single click and integrate them into their applications. Backengine also offers features such as a no-code workspace, a managed Postgres database, built-in authentication and authorization, integration with external APIs, and a range of AI-powered applications.

Backengine Features

  • No-Code Workspace

    Build and iterate sophisticated application logic without writing any code.

  • Managed Postgres Database

    Projects are built around a managed Postgres database, providing users with direct access.

  • Built-in Authentication and Authorization

    Backengine offers built-in authentication and authorization for applications.

  • Integration with External Apis

    Easily integrate external APIs into your endpoints without the need for manual integration.

  • AI-Powered Applications

    Unlock a range of AI-powered applications, from creating ISO country codes to finding matches in any dataset.

Backengine Use Cases

  • Building Internal Tools

    Backengine is ideal for quickly and easily building CRUD style applications such as internal tools, without the need for writing any code.

  • Creating Social Apps

    Backengine can be used to develop social apps that require backend APIs, such as chatbots or recommendation engines, enabling seamless user interactions.

  • Developing Saas Products

    Backengine empowers the development of SaaS products that necessitate backend APIs, such as invoicing or project management tools, streamlining business operations.

Related Tasks

  • Building and Deploying CRUD Apis

    Backengine allows users to easily create, test, and deploy backend APIs for performing CRUD operations.

  • Implementing Authentication and Authorization

    Backengine provides built-in functionality for managing authentication and authorization in applications.

  • Integrating External Apis

    Users can seamlessly integrate external APIs into their endpoints without manual integration work.

  • Creating Internal Tools

    Backengine enables the rapid development of internal tools for automating processes within organizations.

  • Developing Social Apps

    Backengine can be used to build backend functionality for social apps, such as chatbots or recommendation engines.

  • Designing Saas Products

    Backengine supports the creation of backend APIs for developing SaaS products, like invoicing or project management tools.

  • Implementing AI-Powered Features

    Backengine offers a range of AI-powered applications that can be integrated into endpoints, enhancing functionality with AI capabilities.

  • Database Management

    Backengine projects are built around a managed Postgres database, allowing users to directly manage and interact with their data.

  • Automating Backend Processes

    Backengine can automate various backend processes by executing predefined logic based on user-defined descriptions.

  • Prototyping and Iterating Quickly

    With Backengine's no-code workspace, users can rapidly prototype and iterate on application logic, reducing development time.

  • Software Developer

    Uses Backengine to quickly build and deploy backend APIs without writing extensive code.

  • Product Manager

    Utilizes Backengine to create and manage the backend functionality of software products and applications.

  • Data Analyst

    Harnesses Backengine to integrate external APIs and perform data analysis tasks using AI-powered applications.

  • UX Designer

    Incorporates Backengine to enhance the user experience by leveraging hyper-aware UI and other AI-powered features.

  • Startup Founder

    Leverages Backengine to rapidly prototype and develop the backend infrastructure for new software startups.

  • IT Manager

    Implements Backengine to streamline internal tool development and automate backend processes within the organization.

  • Chatbot Developer

    Utilizes Backengine to build and deploy AI-powered chatbots with custom backend logic.

  • Saas Product Manager

    Uses Backengine to develop SaaS products by creating and deploying backend APIs for various functionalities.

  • Full Stack Developer

    Utilizes Backengine to expedite the backend development process and focus on frontend application features.

  • Business Systems Analyst

    Leverages Backengine to design and implement backend solutions that optimize business processes and improve efficiency.

Backengine FAQs

What is Backengine?

Backengine is a no-code AI tool for creating, testing, and deploying backend APIs powered by large language models (LLMs).

What are the key features of Backengine?

Backengine offers a no-code workspace, managed Postgres database, built-in authentication and authorization, integration with external APIs, and AI-powered applications.

How does Backengine work?

Backengine allows users to describe endpoint logic in natural language, which is then processed by an LLM completion API to fulfill the task.

What are some use cases for Backengine?

Backengine is suitable for building internal tools, creating social apps, and developing SaaS products.

How much does Backengine cost?

Backengine is currently free for select beta users and is expected to cost around $70 per month when publicly released.

What kind of applications can be built with Backengine?

Anything that can be built with code can be built with Backengine.

What database does Backengine use?

Backengine projects are built around a managed Postgres database.

Can users connect directly to the Backengine database?

Yes, users have the ability to connect directly to the Backengine database.

Is Backengine secure?

Yes, Backengine ensures the security of all endpoints and safeguards them for authorized use.

What kind of AI-powered applications does Backengine offer?

Backengine offers various AI-powered applications, such as generating ISO country codes, enhancing UI awareness, populating flight search fields, and more.

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