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February 22, 2024
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What is Auribus?

Auribus is an auditory training platform developed by Auribus Labs, an AI research and product lab. It is designed to enhance hearing abilities by using AI-driven innovation. Adaptability is at the core of Auribus, as it tailors its approach to the unique hearing needs and abilities of each user. Through an immersive experience, it provides auditory training content delivered by various speakers, continuously expanding its catalog to cover a broad spectrum of sounds and speech. The platform can be used by individuals with hearing loss to improve their auditory skills, as well as by audiologists to offer standardized auditory training to their patients. Musicians can also benefit from Auribus to enhance their listening skills and musical abilities. With a user-friendly design and powerful functionality, Auribus makes auditory training enjoyable and engaging.

Auribus Features

  • Adaptability

    Auribus tailors its approach to the unique hearing needs and abilities of each user.

  • Immersive Experience

    Auribus provides an enjoyable and engaging auditory training experience.

  • Comprehensive Catalog

    Auribus offers a broad range of auditory training content with diverse speakers.

  • Aesthetically Pleasing Design

    Auribus combines a visually appealing design with powerful functionality.

Auribus Use Cases

  • Individuals with Hearing Loss

    Individuals with hearing loss can use Auribus to improve their auditory skills and maximize their hearing potential.

  • Audiologists

    Auribus can be used by audiologists to offer standardized auditory training to their patients, saving time and enhancing their practice.

  • Musicians

    Musicians can utilize Auribus to improve their listening skills and enhance their musical abilities.

Related Tasks

  • Auditory Skill Development

    Auribus helps individuals improve their auditory skills through targeted training exercises.

  • Speech Comprehension Enhancement

    Auribus offers exercises and content to enhance speech comprehension abilities.

  • Sound Discrimination Training

    Auribus provides practice in distinguishing and identifying different sounds.

  • Listening Comprehension Improvement

    Auribus aids in improving listening comprehension skills through a variety of auditory exercises.

  • Noise Tolerance Training

    Auribus offers exercises to help individuals develop better tolerance for background noise and improve focus on desired sounds.

  • Pitch Perception Training

    Auribus provides exercises to enhance the perception and recognition of different pitches.

  • Sound Localization Practice

    Auribus helps individuals develop their ability to locate and identify the direction of sounds.

  • Auditory Memory Strengthening

    Auribus offers exercises to improve auditory memory and retention skills.

  • Phoneme Recognition and Discrimination Exercises

    Auribus provides practice in recognizing and differentiating between phonemes, improving overall language processing skills.

  • Listening Stamina Building

    Auribus aids in building endurance and stamina for prolonged listening tasks.

  • Audiologist

    Audiologists can use Auribus to provide standardized auditory training to patients with hearing loss.

  • Speech-Language Pathologist

    Speech-language pathologists can incorporate Auribus into their therapy sessions to improve auditory skills in individuals with communication disorders.

  • Musician

    Musicians can utilize Auribus to enhance their listening skills and improve their musical abilities.

  • Hearing Aid Specialist

    Hearing aid specialists can recommend Auribus to clients as a complementary tool for auditory training and maximizing hearing potential.

  • Educator

    Educators can incorporate Auribus into their curriculum to support auditory skill development in students.

  • Occupational Therapist

    Occupational therapists can utilize Auribus as part of their interventions for individuals with sensory processing difficulties, focusing on auditory skills.

  • Rehabilitation Specialist

    Rehabilitation specialists can use Auribus to support auditory rehabilitation in individuals with hearing impairments.

  • Neurologist

    Neurologists can recommend Auribus as a tool for auditory training to aid in the rehabilitation of auditory processing disorders.

  • E-Learning Specialist

    E-learning specialists can integrate Auribus into online courses and training programs to enhance auditory learning experiences.

  • Researcher

    Researchers studying hearing technologies and auditory training can use Auribus in their investigations to assess its effectiveness and impact on auditory skills.

Auribus FAQs

Is Auribus free to use?

Answer: Auribus is free to download and use, providing access to a selection of auditory training content.

What is Auribus Plus?

Answer: Auribus Plus is a subscription service that offers full access to the comprehensive catalog of auditory training content and additional features.

How much does Auribus Plus cost?

Answer: Auribus Plus is available for $

Is Auribus available for Android?

Answer: Currently, Auribus is only available for iOS.

How does Auribus tailor its approach to each user?

Answer: Auribus is designed with adaptability at its core, tailoring its approach to the unique hearing needs and abilities of each user.

What kind of auditory training content does Auribus offer?

Answer: Auribus offers a comprehensive catalog of auditory training content, delivered by over a dozen unique speakers, that is continuously expanding to provide users with a broad spectrum of sounds and speech.

Can Auribus be used by individuals without hearing loss?

Answer: Yes, Auribus can be used by anyone looking to improve their auditory skills and maximize their hearing potential.

Is Auribus suitable for children?

Answer: Auribus is suitable for children aged 6 and above.

Can Auribus be used offline?

Answer: No, Auribus requires an internet connection to access its auditory training content.

Is Auribus HIPAA compliant?

Answer: Yes, Auribus is HIPAA compliant and ensures the privacy and security of user data.

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