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January 17, 2024
AI Scanning of Website Content
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Improved Website Accessibility
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What is AudioHarvest?

AudioHarvest is a platform that utilizes advanced text-to-speech technology to convert selected content into high-quality audio. With AudioHarvest, users can effortlessly create and distribute branded podcasts, making it easier than ever to engage their audience through audio content. The platform’s AI technology scans a client’s website to recommend the most suitable sections for conversion into a branded podcast. Users can also manually select the desired content. Additionally, AudioHarvest provides an onsite audio player to enhance website accessibility and offers reporting features to track the performance of branded podcasts and the onsite audio player. With AudioHarvest, creating and sharing audio content has never been more convenient and effective.

AudioHarvest Features

  • Exclusive Text-to-Speech Technology

    AI-powered voices that sound natural and engaging.

  • AI Scanning of Website Content

    Scans and recommends the best material for conversion into branded podcasts.

  • Onsite Audio Player

    Enhances website accessibility with an integrated audio player.

  • Reporting Features

    Track the performance of branded podcasts and onsite audio player.

  • Content Distribution

    Easily distribute audio content as podcasts and across various social platforms.

AudioHarvest Use Cases

  • Branded Podcast Creation

    Convert selected content into branded podcasts, allowing users to engage their audience through audio content.

  • Improved Website Accessibility

    Enhance website accessibility by implementing an onsite audio player, providing visitors with the option to listen to articles and content.

  • Audio Content Distribution

    Easily distribute audio content as podcasts and across various social platforms, reaching and engaging the audience wherever they consume audio content.

Related Tasks

  • Convert Website Articles Into Branded Podcasts

    Transform written articles into audio format to create engaging branded podcasts.

  • Enhance Website Accessibility

    Implement an onsite audio player to make website content accessible to individuals with visual impairments.

  • Distribute Audio Content as Podcasts

    Share audio content across podcast platforms to reach and engage a wider audience.

  • Track Performance of Branded Podcasts

    Utilize reporting features to monitor the success and impact of branded podcasts.

  • Recommend Suitable Content for Conversion

    AI technology scans the website to suggest the most relevant material for converting into audio.

  • Edit and Customize Branded Podcasts

    Modify and personalize the recommended content to tailor the branded podcast experience.

  • Embed an Audio Player on the Website

    Enhance the visitor experience by allowing them to listen to articles and content directly on the website.

  • Upload and Distribute Audio Interviews

    Share recorded audio interviews and conversations as part of the branded podcast content.

  • Create and Manage Podcast Episodes

    Easily create, edit, and organize podcast episodes for a seamless audio content experience.

  • Generate Audio Content from Written Text

    Instantly convert written text into natural-sounding audio using text-to-speech technology.

  • Content Marketer

    Create and distribute branded podcasts to engage the target audience and enhance content marketing strategies.

  • Digital Content Manager

    Utilize AudioHarvest to convert selected text into audio format, enabling seamless content delivery across multiple platforms.

  • Podcast Producer

    Use AudioHarvest to streamline the process of creating branded podcasts by converting written content into audio format.

  • Web Accessibility Specialist

    Implement AudioHarvest's onsite audio player to improve website accessibility and cater to individuals with visual impairments.

  • Social Media Manager

    Utilize AudioHarvest to distribute audio content as podcasts and share it on social media platforms to increase audience engagement.

  • Brand Strategist

    Incorporate AudioHarvest into branding initiatives by creating branded podcasts that represent the core values and messaging of a brand.

  • Digital Marketer

    Leverage AudioHarvest to optimize digital marketing efforts by reaching audiences through audio content on various platforms.

  • Content Creator

    Transform written content into audio format using AudioHarvest, expanding the reach and impact of creative work.

  • Copywriter

    Utilize AudioHarvest to enhance written content by converting it into audio, providing an alternative way for audiences to consume the copy.

  • Website Developer

    Integrate AudioHarvest's onsite audio player into websites to offer visitors an accessible and engaging way to interact with content.

AudioHarvest FAQs

How does the AI technology work?

AudioHarvest's AI scans a client's website to categorize sections and recommends suitable content for branded podcasts.

Can clients edit the recommended content for the branded podcast?

Yes, clients can review and edit the recommended content to personalize their branded podcast experience.

Is there a reporting feature available?

Yes, AudioHarvest provides reporting through the client UI to track the performance of branded podcasts and the onsite audio player.

What are the pricing packages offered by AudioHarvest?

AudioHarvest offers three pricing packages: Always Free, Professional, and Business, each with varying features and word limits.

What are the key features of AudioHarvest?

AudioHarvest features exclusive text-to-speech technology, AI scanning of website content, onsite audio player, and reporting capabilities.

How can clients distribute their audio content?

Clients can distribute their audio content as podcasts and across social platforms, allowing them to reach and engage their audience.

What is the purpose of the onsite audio player?

The onsite audio player enhances website accessibility and improves the visitor experience by enabling them to listen to articles.

Can clients upload their own audio interviews and recorded content for distribution as a branded podcast?

Yes, clients can upload their own audio interviews and recorded content for distribution as a branded podcast.

Are there any limitations on the number of podcast episodes for each pricing package?

The Always Free package allows up to 10 podcast episodes, while the Professional and Business packages offer unlimited podcast episodes.

What is the word limit for audio content creation in each pricing package?

The Always Free package includes 5,000 words, the Professional package includes 25,000 words, and the Business package includes 75,000 words for audio content creation and distribution.

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