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December 28, 2023
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What is is an AI-powered tool that enables users to easily convert audio content into text transcriptions and summaries. With support for over 99 languages and a wide range of file formats, uses advanced AI models to transcribe audio files into text and generate accurate and relevant summaries. Users can simply upload their audio or video files to the platform, and within minutes, they will receive transcriptions and summaries that can be easily accessed and edited using the powerful editor. This versatile tool is suitable for professionals, language-specific content, and educational purposes, providing a fast and efficient way to convert audio into actionable text. Features

  • Automatic Transcription

    AI-powered tool that automatically transcribes audio files.

  • Summarization

    Generates accurate and relevant summaries using advanced AI models.

  • Language Support

    Supports over 99 languages for transcribing and summarizing audio content.

  • Powerful Editor

    Allows users to make corrections to transcripts and customize speaker labels.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Transcripts and summaries available as quickly as within 5 minutes. Use Cases

  • Professional Transcription can be used by professionals to transcribe interviews, meetings, and other audio content, saving time and effort in creating accurate transcripts.

  • Language Support

    It is beneficial for individuals and organizations working with non-English languages, as it provides precise transcripts and AI-powered summaries for non-English content.

  • Educational Purposes

    Students and educators can use for transcribing lectures, seminars, and educational content, and generating summaries for study and research purposes.

Related Tasks

  • Audio Transcription

    Converting recorded audio files into written text.

  • Summarizing Audio Content

    Generating concise summaries of audio recordings.

  • Creating Accurate Transcripts

    Converting spoken words into written form with high accuracy.

  • Editing Transcripts

    Making corrections, adding speaker labels, and formatting text transcripts.

  • Generating Audio Summaries

    Automatically creating brief summaries of long audio recordings.

  • Extracting Key Information

    Identifying and capturing important details from audio content.

  • Language Translation

    Transcribing and translating audio content across different languages.

  • Research Analysis

    Analyzing transcriptions to extract insights and patterns.

  • Language Learning

    Transcribing audio material for language learners to practice listening and comprehension.

  • Accessibility Support

    Enabling access to audio content for individuals with hearing impairments by providing written transcripts.

  • Journalist

    Transcribing interviews and converting audio content into text for accurate reporting.

  • Researcher

    Converting research interviews and audio data into text for analysis and documentation.

  • Content Creator

    Transcribing recorded audio content for creating written blog posts, articles, or video captions.

  • Transcriber

    Providing transcription services for clients by converting audio files into text.

  • Educator

    Transcribing lectures and educational content for students to review and study.

  • Market Researcher

    Transcribing focus group discussions and interviews to extract insights and analyze consumer trends.

  • Legal Assistant

    Transcribing recorded legal proceedings such as depositions and court hearings for documentation and analysis.

  • Podcast Producer

    Transcribing podcast episodes for creating written show notes and improving accessibility for listeners.

  • Medical Transcriptionist

    Converting audio recordings of medical dictations into accurate text documents for medical records.

  • Conference Organizer

    Transcribing conference presentations and speeches to create documentation and facilitate information sharing. FAQs

How do I transcribe audios?

- Users can automatically transcribe audio by uploading any recording file, and the audio transcriptions are generated by the latest AI models.

How do I summarize audios?

- After the interview is transcribed, users can automatically generate a summary, which is generated by GPT-

3 Why do I have to describe what the audio is about?

- Describing the audio context helps in making the transcript and summary more accurate and relevant.

What languages are supported?

- Audiogest supports over 99 languages, making it a versatile tool for audio content in various languages.

What file formats are supported for upload?

- Audiogest supports a wide range of file formats, including aac, ogg, m4a, mp3, mp4, mpeg, mpga, wav, and webm.

Is the service private?

- Yes, the service is private, with files stored temporarily on the server and only accessible to the user.

What is the turnaround time for transcripts and summaries?

- Audiogest offers a fast turnaround time, with transcripts and summaries available as quickly as within 5 minutes.

Do students get any discounts?

- Yes, students get an additional 30% off, and they can avail the discount by sending an email to the support team.

Does Audiogest offer custom solutions for teams and organizations?

- Yes, Audiogest offers custom solutions for teams and organizations, and interested parties can book a demo or contact the support team to learn more.

Is there a subscription model for Audiogest?

- No, there is no subscription model. Users can use pre-paid credits for their convenience. Alternatives



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