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December 31, 2023
Collaborative Email Platform
Email-Based Contact Management
Integrated Task Management
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Project Manager
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Business Development Manager
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Project Management
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Task Management

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What is Alltum?

Alltum is an email, task, and relationship management platform designed to streamline project management and improve collaboration. It works by creating a central hub for all interactions, allowing users to manage projects and tasks directly from their inbox. With Alltum, you can easily find project information and files, manage contacts and relationships through its email-based contact management system, and stay organized by managing tasks and to-do lists. The platform also offers key features such as collaborative email, integrated task management, working group list management, and one-click meeting scheduling links. Alltum is SOC II certified, ensuring data security with compliance controlled information barriers. It is a plug and play ready solution that can be easily integrated with other tools.

Alltum Features

  • Collaborative Email Platform

    Alltum offers a collaborative email platform that allows users to efficiently work together on email communications and tasks.

  • Email-Based Contact Management

    With Alltum's email-based contact management, users can easily manage and organize their contacts directly within their inbox.

  • Integrated Task Management

    Alltum provides seamless integration of task management, enabling users to efficiently track and prioritize their tasks alongside their email communications.

  • Working Group List Management

    Alltum offers effective working group list management, allowing users to create and manage lists for collaboration and streamlined communication within a team.

  • One-Click Meeting Scheduling Links

    Alltum simplifies the process of scheduling meetings by providing one-click meeting scheduling links, making it easy to arrange and coordinate meetings directly from the platform.

Alltum Use Cases

  • Project Management

    Alltum can be used to manage projects and tasks directly from your inbox, providing a centralized platform to easily find project information and files.

  • Relationship Management

    Alltum helps users manage their contacts and relationships through its email-based contact management system, facilitating efficient communication and organization.

  • Task Management

    With Alltum, users can manage their tasks and to-do lists, ensuring they stay organized and on top of their work by integrating task management seamlessly with their email communications.

Related Tasks

  • Email Management

    Alltum allows users to efficiently manage and organize their emails in one central platform.

  • Project Tracking

    Users can track and monitor the progress of their projects directly from Alltum, keeping all project-related information in one place.

  • Contact Organization

    Alltum enables users to effectively organize and manage their contacts, ensuring easy access to important contact information.

  • Task and to-Do List Management

    Users can create and manage tasks and to-do lists within Alltum, helping them stay organized and prioritize their work.

  • Collaborative Work

    Alltum facilitates collaboration by providing a platform where team members can work together on tasks, projects, and email communications.

  • Meeting Scheduling

    The platform offers one-click meeting scheduling links, allowing users to easily schedule and coordinate meetings right from their inbox.

  • Communication Tracking

    Alltum automatically creates a nexus of interactions, making it effortless to track and review past communications.

  • Opportunity Management

    Users can track and manage business opportunities, ensuring timely follow-ups and effective opportunity management.

  • File Management

    Alltum centralizes project files and documents, making it easy to find and access necessary files related to projects and tasks.

  • Workflow Optimization

    By integrating email, task, and contact management, Alltum helps optimize workflows and increase productivity.

  • Project Manager

    Manages projects and tasks directly from the inbox, centralizing project information and facilitating collaboration.

  • Sales Representative

    Tracks and manages customer interactions, opportunities, and deals, all within the Alltum platform.

  • Executive Assistant

    Organizes and schedules meetings, manages contacts, and assists with task management for executives using Alltum.

  • Business Development Manager

    Uses Alltum to streamline communication, manage contacts, and organize tasks related to business development initiatives.

  • Marketing Coordinator

    Collaborates with team members, manages email campaigns, and tracks project progress using Alltum's project management and task management features.

  • Freelancer

    Stays organized and manages tasks, contacts, and projects while working on various client assignments using Alltum.

  • Entrepreneur

    Uses Alltum to handle email communication, manage tasks and relationships, and stay organized in their business endeavors.

  • Team Lead

    Oversees team projects, assigns tasks, and tracks progress using Alltum's collaborative features and project management capabilities.

  • Customer Success Manager

    Utilizes Alltum to track customer interactions, manage tasks related to client success, and organize customer communications.

  • Human Resources Coordinator

    Uses Alltum to manage candidate communication, schedule interviews, and keep track of HR-related tasks and projects.

Alltum FAQs

What is Alltum?

Alltum is an email, task, and relationship management platform.

How does Alltum work?

Alltum automatically creates a nexus of your interactions, allowing you to manage projects and tasks directly from your inbox.

What are the key features of Alltum?

The key features of Alltum include collaborative email platform, email-based contact management, integrated task management, working group list management, and one-click meeting scheduling links.

Can Alltum help me manage my projects?

Yes, Alltum centralizes all project data into simple project hubs for easy access and organization.

Can Alltum help me manage my contacts and relationships?

Yes, Alltum provides an email-based contact management system to effectively manage your contacts and relationships.

Can I use Alltum to manage my tasks and to-do lists?

Absolutely, Alltum offers integrated task management to help you stay organized and on top of your work.

Is Alltum secure?

Yes, Alltum is SOC II certified and has compliance controlled information barriers for data security.

How long does it take to onboard with Alltum?

Firms can sign up and onboard within a matter of minutes.

Can I use Alltum with other tools?

Yes, Alltum is plug and play ready, allowing easy integration with other tools.

How can I contact Alltum?

You can reach Alltum at

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