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February 12, 2024
Large Language Models Llms
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What is is an AI-powered support agent that improves customer support and self-service options by using supervised training and Large Language Models (LLMs). It learns from successful customer interactions and adds them to its knowledge base to refine its responses and accuracy over time. LLMs, such as Davinci, ChatGPT, and Cohere, are used to recompile knowledge and answer questions. The tool can be integrated into a web application in minutes, and it supports multiple languages, allowing users to interact in their native language. is GDPR compliant and ensures data ownership and security. Its ability to analyze past chats helps identify areas for improvement, leading to higher customer satisfaction. Features

  • Supervised Training uses supervised training to learn from successful customer interactions and improve its responses over time.

  • Large Language Models Llms utilizes LLMs, such as Davinci, ChatGPT, and Cohere, to recompile knowledge and answer questions accurately.

  • Data Ownership

    Users retain ownership of their data, and securely stores data in encrypted vector databases on European servers while ensuring GDPR compliance.

  • Integration can be seamlessly integrated into web applications within minutes, making it a user-friendly support agent solution.

  • Multilingual Support can answer users in their native language, even when the documentation is not available in that language. Use Cases

  • Use Case

    Customer Support can be utilized to provide efficient customer support by answering frequently asked questions, resolving common issues, and continuously improving its responses based on past interactions.

  • Use Case

    Self-Service Portals can help create self-service portals by generating knowledge bases and frequently asked questions (FAQ) pages. By mining existing information, it can generate articles and answer simple queries, empowering users to find solutions on their own.

  • Use Case

    Request Routing and Prioritization can be programmed to intelligently analyze customer messages, identify keywords, determine urgency and emotion, and assess the nature of the request. It can then route the request to the appropriate live agent or tag the right agent for specific cases, streamlining issue resolution and saving time.

Related Tasks

  • Answering Customer Inquiries can directly respond to customer questions and provide accurate information.

  • Troubleshooting Common Issues can assist in resolving common problems by providing step-by-step solutions.

  • Generating Knowledge Base Articles can automatically generate articles and FAQs for self-service portals.

  • Routing Support Requests can analyze and route customer requests to the appropriate live agent based on urgency and nature of the inquiry.

  • Assisting with Product Information can provide detailed information about products or services to potential customers.

  • Creating Chatbot Interactions can help in designing and implementing chatbot conversations for various purposes.

  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction can improve customer experience by providing accurate and timely support.

  • Streamlining Help Desk Ticket Handling can automate the resolution of common help desk tickets, reducing response times.

  • Identifying Areas for Process Improvement can analyze customer interactions to identify areas where support processes can be enhanced.

  • Generating Ideas and Information can assist in generating ideas or gathering information on specific topics for various purposes.

  • Customer Support Representative

    Utilizes to provide efficient and accurate responses to customer inquiries, improving customer satisfaction.

  • Technical Support Specialist

    Relies on to answer technical questions and troubleshoot customer issues, enhancing support efficiency.

  • Knowledge Base Manager

    Leverages to generate articles and FAQs for self-service portals, enhancing the accessibility of information for users.

  • Sales Representative

    Uses to assist with product-related inquiries, providing quick and accurate information to potential customers.

  • Help Desk Analyst

    Relies on to handle and resolve common help desk tickets, streamlining issue resolution and improving response times.

  • Content Writer

    Utilizes to generate content ideas and gather information on specific topics, enhancing the writing process.

  • E-Commerce Manager

    Utilizes to enhance customer support by providing instant responses to frequently asked questions, improving the shopping experience.

  • Product Manager

    Leverages to gather customer feedback, identify product issues, and improve user experiences based on automated support interactions.

  • IT Support Technician

    Relies on to assist with basic IT support inquiries by providing immediate solutions and troubleshooting steps.

  • Operations Manager

    Utilizes to analyze customer interactions and feedback, identify areas for process improvement, and enhance customer support operations. FAQs

What is Ajentai? is an AI-powered support agent that learns from successful customer interactions and improves its responses over time.

How does Ajentai learn? learns through supervised training, analyzing successful customer interactions, and incorporating them into its knowledge base.

Which language models does Ajentai use? uses LLMs such as Davinci, ChatGPT, and Cohere to compile knowledge and answer questions effectively.

Can Ajentai be integrated into web applications?

Yes, can be seamlessly integrated into web applications within minutes.

Does Ajentai support multiple languages?

Yes, can answer users in their native language, even if the documentation is not available in that language.

Can Ajentai improve customer satisfaction?

Yes, by analyzing past chats, identifies areas for improvement and refines its responses, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

Is Ajentai GDPR compliant?

Yes, is GDPR compliant and securely stores data on European servers in encrypted vector databases.

How can Ajentai prioritize customer requests? can be programmed to identify keywords, assess urgency and emotion, and examine the nature of requests to route them to the right live agent efficiently.

Does Ajentai offer self-service options?

Yes, can help create self-service portals by generating knowledge bases, FAQ pages, and providing answers to simple queries.

How can businesses benefit from using Ajentai?

Businesses can benefit from by automating customer support, improving efficiency, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Alternatives

Word WandAI


Automate crafting personalized responses on tickets.


Multilingual AI chatbot with personalized responses. User Reviews

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