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December 24, 2023
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What is Aiko?

Aiko is an AI-powered audio transcription tool designed to streamline the transcription process and enhance productivity. It allows users to quickly record audio content, transcribe it, and have the resulting text copied to the clipboard. Aiko can be accessed through a menu bar or a global keyboard shortcut for convenience. By utilizing AI technology, Aiko automatically transcribes the audio content and can even generate subtitles for video conferencing. Users also have the ability to divide the transcription text into paragraphs for better organization. Overall, Aiko is a powerful tool that simplifies the transcription process and improves efficiency.

Aiko Features

  • Quick Recording and Transcription

    Aiko enables users to swiftly record and transcribe audio content with ease.

  • Global Keyboard Shortcut

    Users can access Aiko conveniently by setting a global keyboard shortcut.

  • Ability to Divide Transcription Text Into Paragraphs

    Aiko allows users to organize transcription text by dividing it into paragraphs.

  • AI-Powered Transcription with Automatic Subtitles for Video Conferencing

    Aiko utilizes AI technology to transcribe audio content and automatically generate subtitles for video conferencing.

Aiko Use Cases

  • Efficient Transcription

    Aiko can save users time and effort by efficiently transcribing audio content, making it easier to create written records of meetings, interviews, lectures, and more.

  • Productivity Enhancement

    With Aiko's global keyboard shortcut and quick access features, users can transcribe audio content seamlessly, enhancing their productivity and workflow.

  • AI-Powered Subtitles for Video Conferencing

    Aiko's automatic subtitle generation feature makes it valuable for video conferencing, providing real-time subtitles and a full transcript at the end of the session, improving accessibility and facilitating communication.

Related Tasks

  • Audio Transcription

    Aiko can accurately transcribe audio content, converting speech into written text.

  • Meeting Minutes

    Aiko can be used to transcribe meetings, capturing important discussions and decisions in written form.

  • Interview Transcription

    With Aiko, interviews can be transcribed, making it easier to extract quotes and insights for articles or research.

  • Lecture Transcription

    Aiko enables the transcription of lectures, allowing students to review and study the content.

  • Podcast Transcription

    Aiko can transcribe podcast episodes, making it easier to create show notes and searchable transcripts.

  • Content Creation

    Aiko's transcription feature can assist in generating written content, such as blog posts or articles, from recorded audio.

  • Speech-to-Text Conversion

    Aiko converts speeches and spoken content into written text, facilitating accessibility and analysis.

  • Video Captioning

    Aiko's transcription capability enables the creation of captions for videos, improving accessibility and comprehension.

  • Qualitative Research Analysis

    Researchers can use Aiko to transcribe and analyze qualitative data, extracting themes and coding for analysis.

  • Note Taking

    Aiko helps in transcribing and organizing spoken notes, making it easier to review and refer back to important information.

  • Transcriptionist

    Converts audio content into written transcripts using Aiko for accurate and efficient transcription.

  • Content Creator

    Uses Aiko to transcribe recorded interviews, podcasts, or lectures to create written content for various platforms.

  • Journalist

    Relies on Aiko for quickly transcribing interviews and press briefings to accurately report on information.

  • Researcher

    Utilizes Aiko to transcribe interviews, focus groups, and research discussions, facilitating the analysis and interpretation of qualitative data.

  • Translator

    Transcribes audio content in one language using Aiko and then translates it into another language.

  • Podcaster

    Relies on Aiko to transcribe podcast episodes, enhancing accessibility, and facilitating the creation of show notes and transcripts.

  • Marketer

    Uses Aiko to transcribe marketing-related audio content, such as customer interviews or market research, for analysis and strategy development.

  • Content Strategist

    Relies on Aiko to transcribe audio content to identify key insights and trends for content planning and ideation.

  • Virtual Assistant

    Utilizes Aiko to transcribe and organize voice notes and instructions from clients, ensuring accurate task management.

  • Language Instructor

    Utilizes Aiko to transcribe and review language lessons and pronunciation exercises for accurate assessment and feedback.

Aiko FAQs

Can I edit the text in the app?

No, but you can copy the text from Aiko and use a specific prompt in ChatGPT to achieve this.

Why does it take so long to generate?

Transcription speed can vary depending on device performance and available resources.

What happened to the default type tool in 23?

This question is unrelated to Aiko.

How can I restore missing tools in Illustrator?

This question is unrelated to Aiko.

Can Aiko be used for video conferencing?

Yes, Aiko Meet is designed for video conferencing and provides automatic subtitles and a full transcript.

Is Aiko available for Windows?

Availability for Windows is not specified.

Can Aiko transcribe multiple languages?

The language support of Aiko is not specified.

Does Aiko support different audio formats?

Supported audio formats are not mentioned.

Is Aiko free to use?

Pricing information is not provided.

Can Aiko be integrated with other applications?

Integration capabilities with other applications are not specified.

Aiko Alternatives

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Automated dubbing and text-to-speech platform.

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